Listen Live Help

Capital Radio broadcasts live over the internet.  The stream can be received by many different devices, from smart phones, computer audio players like Winamp, VLC, smart TV’s or other connected players, IP radios and more.

The easiest way to listen to us is to search for ‘Capital Radio Sierra Leone’ in your app or device.  This will work on smart phones using the Tune-in app.  You can also use the Onlime TalkOnlime app.  Just choose the furthest right icon and scroll down to TV & Radio.

In Apple iTunes choose Open Stream… and enter ‘’.  Or we can be found in the Top 40/Pop category of the Internet Radio page.

Many other devices such as smart TV’s, Winamp/VLC/WMP on the PC can receive the service using one of these addresses:

Some browsers require a secure https stream (Chrome for example).  So please use the last address above.

You may also find a browser app in your smart TV appliance.  Try going to the Listen Live page on the web site with the browser.

The Capital Radio stream is 128k MP3 format.  Please remember that if you use a mobile device on a mobile phone data service, you may have to pay for the volume of data used during streaming.